Red – “Hold Me Now”

Jesus Freak Hideout has kindly posted Red’s ballad “Hold Me Now,” a highlight track off of the new record Release the Panic, for a free download. Nothing surprising here – just a simple, straightforward ballad from one of Christian rock’s biggest bands.



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Lamps and Voids – Noise

Lamps and Voids (formally under the name One38) has been steadily cementing its name in the indie rock/worship scene since its inception, playing with standouts like Seabird and Mosteller and even landing a slot at Ichthus 2012.

Now, with a new recording in the making, the band has already revealed “Bellwether Sessions,” a live performance of three, original tracks that will (hopefully) be featured on an official release. “Noise,” the first track from Bellwether Sessions, can now be downloaded for free on Lamps & Voids’ very own bandcamp. I suggest everyone take advantage of the offer… you’ll enjoy it, I promise.

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Brett Detar – Bird in the Tangle

Formerly of metal outfit Zao and the rock side project The Juliana Theory, Brett Detar takes a major leap in genres with his solo release Bird in the Tangle.

Filled with incessant banjo strumming and upright bass plucking, the alt-country, bluegrassy record by Brett Detar features roots at an incredibly impressive level. Despite Detar’s genre shift, Bird in the Tangle is proof this musician knows what he’s doing. Thankfully, with a free download of the album through Noisetrade, you’ll be able to listen for yourself.

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Sines of the Times Vol. 1

You may not know much about electronic music in the Christian arena (I certainly don’t), but it is there. Introducing several of the artists within the genre is Indie Vision Music’s Sines of the Times Vol. 1, a free, electronic/pop compilation by Chris Works. The 14-song download is a great way to become more acquainted with a unique yet largely ignored sector of Christian music.

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Sam Billen – Headphones and Cellphones

There’s been a recent buzz within the blogosphere on Sam Billen and his new(ish) record Places, a dreamy, indie-pop record brimming with “earnestness, intimacy, and sugar-powdered notes.”

“While a digital download of Places will require forking over (a well justified) $7, Billen’s equally eccentric and enjoyable album Headphones and Cellphones can be picked up free of charge on Noisetrade.

Additionally and as shown in the image, the download includes a bonus track from Pieces, which, interestingly enough, earned a spot on Christ and Pop Culture’s top 10 list for 2012.

With waves of lighthearted indie amongst pockets of tenebrosity, Headphones and Cellphones is an incredibly diverse record – and surely one well worth the acclamation given.

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