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Positive InfiniityFree music today from a group called Positive Infinity. I first heard these guys in September while I was wandering around Purevolume and stumbled on their profile.  I listened to a couple of the songs on their profile and actually reallly liked it.

Their latest CD at the time was Electro Hymns of the Faith which is basically a CD of old hymns electo-techno twist.  The idea is awesome, and the music is great too.

Anyway, after that first encounter I’ve been keeping an eye on, and a while back I contacted the band to see about doing a download for ya’ll.  Long story short, they’ve got two free tracks up on their Purevolume for Christmas.

One, “Wonderful Words of Life”, is a b-side from Electro Hymns of the Faith, and the other, “Heartbeat Mnemonic” is an instrumental b-side from their upcoming CD Ahuman Anagram. Both are free, and pretty good if you ask me. Definitely worth the download.  After all, it’s free!  ;)

-Positive Infinity on Purevolume-


Wednesday, December 10th, 2008 Free Music No Comments
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