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Striking Back: Stavesacre, Lost In City Lights, Rachel Rizzuti, The Morgan Branch

StavesacreWow! This last week last been a roller coaster for me. I’ve been at a real estate event in Alabama. Now, when you go to a real estate conference, you usually learn about real estate. Usually. But music follows me. Almost everywhere:

So while I was there I met member from each Lost In City Lights and The Morgan Branch, and Christian musician Rachel Rizzuti’s father. Super crazy how God worked it all out. Anyway, I’m going try and get some music from all three for you to enjoy. Till then, I’ve got links so you can check them out online right now.

I also have a free song from Stavesacre. You can download the song “It’s Beautiful (Once You’re Out Here)” for free on Stavesacre’s Purevolume page. It’s a good hard rock song that reminds me a little of Demon Hunter’s “Carry Me Down”, “One Thousand Apologies”, “Thorns”, etc. Good stuff.

-Stavesacre on Purevolume-

-Rachel Rizzuti on MySpace-

-Lost In City Lights on MySpace-

-The Morgan Branch-
(Currently Unavailable. I’m working on it.)

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