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Free Sampler from Rock for Life

Rock for Life Winter 2009 CompilationFree music today thanks to Rock for Life, a pro-life organization that works to promote life for all people, both the born and unborn.  Turns out, Rock for Life has partnered with dozens of Christian musicians and bands to help raise awareness and support through concerts and compilations, and they’ve released their last compilation through the website NoiseTrade, where you can either pay what you’d like, or, download it for free by telling 5 friends about the compilation, a win/win either way.

This particular compilation features 17 songs, from Manic Drive, Willet, Alakrity, and more.  I’m not familiar with all the artists, but they’re all obviously pro-life, and by the looks of it they’re all Christian artists.  Some of the songs are more outspoken then others (you’ll see what I mean), but there’s still some good songs available.  Check it out!

-Rock for Life Winter 2009 Compilation CD on NoiseTrade-

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