In his song “Day By Day”, Andrew Peterson described Christians as “children of eternity, on the run from entropy” — a simple phrase that captures the tension of living as redeemed children of God in a world of brokenness; of the state of being already and not yet home.  It’s the letting go of growing up, and it’s the hunger for a world we’ve only caught whispers of.

That’s the struggle Peterson addresses with both seriousness and hope throughout his latest album, Light for the Lost Boy.  He does a marvelous job, and proves himself again as one of Christian music’s best songwriters, as he deals with mystery and time, offering light for the lost and found.  I think it’s safe to say the best song of the bunch is the album’s exceptional closer, the epic “Don’t You Want to Thank Someone” – a song that captures the paradox of brokenness and beauty that life is composed of.

You can pick up a free sampler from the album on NoiseTrade that includes 5 album tracks (including “Don’t You Want to Thank Someone”), 5 songs from the acoustic Lost Boy Demos, and a Paul Simon-influenced b-side called “Break It All the Way”. Light for the Lost Boy was debatably the best Christian album to be released last year, and this is a great introduction to it, and to the rest of Andrew Peterson’s exceptional catalog.  Grab the sampler here, and get ready to experience a genuinely poetic, beautiful collection of songs.

Update: The sampler has since been removed.

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