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The Free Christian Music Blog was founded in October of 2007, and since then, has featured thousands of different songs from hundreds of different artists in nearly every genre of Christian music. Everything we cover is legal & free, and we’d like to think it all rocks too.

The Free Christian Music Blog (often abbreviated TFCMB) is written primarily by Matt, who’s been aided through the years by several other bloggers, including Ansley, Alex, Kara, Josh, and James.

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  1. Bpuckhead89: Yes! You can email any finds to freechristianmusicblog@gmail.com . I check it daily, so I’ll see the link, even if I can’t reply right away.

    Anyway, thanks for the download link! Larry Norman is a true classic as far as Christian music goes. That will be a worth addition.

  2. This is an awesome blog! When you get the chance please check out my site on reverbnation. I have some wonderful songs I feel your blog will like. Oh by the way HAPPY NEW YEAR’S 2013!

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