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Welcome to the archive!

For years, CCM Singles has been the source for the latest news, whether about Christian radio singles, music videos, or the ever popular free music downloads.  Sadly, due to Yahoo!'s decision to shut down GeoCities, the CCM Singles website was put on permanent hiatus as it moved completely to Twitter and YouTube (where, I might add, it is still going strong!)  Unfortunately, the vast database of information that was the CCM Singles website was doomed to be lost forever after GeoCities closed it's doors October 26, 2009.


Until Stephen (the site owner and all around cool guy) generously decided to let us move the entire old site to 
The Free Christian Music Blog as a static archive of all the great content CCM Singles has accumlated over the years.  Basically, that means that while the site isn't going to be updated, it will live on, at least for a while yet.

Click the link below to enter the archive, or, if you'd like some more recent information, look up Stephen & CCM Singles up at it's new home, Twitter:

Enjoy, and God bless!
Owner, The Free Christian Music Blog

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